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Elon adjunct faculty raise concerns over missing professor names on OnTrack

With the approach of spring semester’s end, students scour OnTrack to build their academic schedules, looking at the times available and selecting their preferred professors.

Senior Alex Campbell said she noticed this past semester that adjunct professors, who are hired on a contractual basis each semester or year, she previously had classes with were not appearing on OnTrack.

“It’s pretty upsetting because two of my favorite professors are adjuncts that I’ve had classes with in the past,” Cam

SAVOR SoFLO Festival Returns To South Florida For Miami Foodies

By: Audrey Geib By: Audrey Geib | | Food & Drink Events Food & Drink food Food and Drink Feature

Experience a range of culinary delights, drinks and music at the SAVOR SoFLO Festival in Hollywood Beach on April 6-7.

Returning for its fourth year, this upcoming two-day food festival offers South Floridians a variety of events to enjoy, including interactive cooking demonstrations, a charcuterie tasting extravaganza prepared exclusively by Publix with Boars Head and Josh Wines, as well as appear

Bike to Burlington brings Elon University students into community

Members of the Elon community have the opportunity to explore Burlington and learn about local businesses at the Office of Sustainability and Elon Outdoors’ Bike to Burlington event.

Associate Director of Sustainability for Education and Outreach Kelly Harer said the event is aimed at getting students to see the surrounding community.

“We want students to just get outside of the Elon campus and explore the local area,” Harer said.

Harer said one goal of the event is to spread awareness to Elo

Chloe Brown: All tatts go to heaven

Chloe Brown, worship leader and K-12 teacher, is building a sleeve on her right arm, combining her love of tattoos and biblical themes.

Each individual piece represents a religious story or moral that she holds dear to her heart, including hope after the flood in the Old Testament.

“I have a swallow holding an olive branch, and I was sort of nodding to the dove coming back with the olive branch after the storm,” Brown said. “It was supposed to kind of represent the calm after the storm or ther

Tracy Park Gallery Celebrates Art Of All Kinds

The Gallery Wall displays surfboard art along with the Bob Bonis photos of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on tour Oct. 5. The Gallery had a wide variety of mediums on display from film photography to sculptures. Photos by Chloe Chan

The Tracy Park Art Gallery in the Malibu Colony Plaza offers a wide variety of art, artists and price ranges for customers and art lovers alike to explore.

Tracy Park, the gallery owner, said she has been in business for 20 years, but the gallery recently moved

'To Bough And To Bend' – Trees Tell Stories

Two museum attendees stand in front of Ken Gonzales-Day’s “Two Men Were Taken,” 2007 on Sept. 10. The artwork was captured by light jet on aluminum and displayed two trees at the end of a dirt path, a site of lynching in California history. Photos by Lucian Himes

Each of these words are associated with either life or death through the idea of trees. Trees have a way of telling generations about history and their symbolism can be found in many religious origin stories, according to the To Bough

Order's Up: Meet the New Caf Staff

Roxann Holloway smiles as she hands a student a fresh plate of roasted chicken dinner. Holloway has been on staff with Bon Appètit since the first week of August. Photo by Mary Elisabeth

Whether grabbing a delicious meal or just a quick snack, some students interact with the cafeteria workers on a daily basis. Whether returning staff or new, the people who make and serve meals have unique stories to tell.

The Bon Appètit Management Company replaced the previous dining service, Sodexo, in the 2

Pepperdine Gathers To Worship At The Annual Worship Summit

Dante Bowe praises while leading the crowd in hit song ‘Jireh.‘ Bowe, Aaron Moses and Maverick City Music closed the night in worship by performing many of their most popular songs. Photo by Brandon Rubsamen

The Pepperdine community joined together in Firestone Fieldhouse on Saturday, Sept. 10, for a night filled with worship and a message from Christine Caine, author, international speaker and mother of Pepperdine sophomore Catie Caine.

United Voice Worship , along with singers Dante Bowe and

'REMAND': How One Wrongfully Accused Ugandan Teen's Story Led to Reform

Students inside Smothers Theatre clap as the film “REMAND” concludes Aug. 30. Many people from the Pepperdine community attended the screening. Photo by Mary Elisabeth

The film “REMAND” follows a Ugandan teenager facing two murder charges who—with no court date in sight — had lost hope on being released. The film tells the story of a group of Pepperdine law students and a professor who sought justice, and their actions launched a movement that created tangible change in the country’s governing

Student Excitement Builds as NSO Begins

Orientation leaders jump and scream in front of first-year housing while welcoming new students and their families to campus Aug. 23. Leaders helped the new students settle into their new homes.

As the new school year begins, the Pepperdine community welcomed new and returning students to the Malibu campus.

New Student Orientation is a five-day program that kickstarts the new school year and includes sessions for new students and their families to learn about Pepperdine.

Director of Student A

Pacific Sounds Featured Band: Closed Caption

The members of the band Closed Caption pose for a photo together in March. The four members worked together to create two original songs before they performed live at the Pacific Sounds Music Festival. Photos courtesy of Keaton Woodburn

Pacific Sounds is an opportunity for students to showcase their artistic talents. Following a week of student performances and art showcases, the festival took place March 25. The Student Programming Board organized the annual event to provide students artists a

Students Nickname Common Campus Buildings

Geneva Sovinec smiles outside her first-year housing dorm in March 2022. Despite the name of the building being the “Audene Merrill Connor House,” students typically just call the house “Connor.” Photo by Mary Elisabeth

The buildings on Pepperdine’s Malibu campus are adorned with plaques and dedication memos. However, these official names and histories often go unnoticed in the rush of the day-to-day activities that occupy Seaver undergraduate students’ schedules.

Names like “the Howard A. Whi

Seaver Students Find Calm in the Midst of Stressful Schedules

Assistant Chaplain Shaya Aguilar leads the Seaver 200 yoga class breakout group at Alumni Park. The group meets almost every Wednesday for an hour to help students destress in the midst of their stressful weeks. Photo courtesy of Georgia Puckett

Music. Walking. Meditating. Hanging out with friends. Going to the beach.

These are some ways that Pepperdine undergraduate students said they balance the stress of their classes and various workloads.

Students endure a great deal of stress especially

First-year Influencers Comment on Social Media Fame

First-year Connor Ray poses for a photo by local California greenery at sunset in September 2021. This is one of his recent popular posts found on his public Instagram @cnnrry. Photo courtesy of Ali Fergusson

All of these are social media platforms are popular among younger generations, especially in the United States.

Social media influencers are often held on a high pedestal, which can lead to comparison issues among normal day-to-day users. To try and combat unrealistic portrayals of these

First-Year Finds Love and Hope in the Rainbows of Life

First-year Lexington Russell captures a photo of a rainbow cast over Pepperdine’s Malibu campus. This was one of many rainbows that Russell has seen in her time at Pepperdine. Photos courtesy of Lexington Russell

For many Christians, the rainbow is a sign of God’s promise to humanity. But, for first-year Lexington Russell, the rainbow symbolizes so much more.

Russell said when she sees a rainbow, it feels as if her grandmother is there with her. Rainbows also act as a reminder for Russell of G

Pepperdine Strives to Recruit Church of Christ Students

Afternoon light beams through the large stained glass windows inside Stauffer Chapel on the Malibu campus in fall of 2021. The chapel serves as a cornerstone for Pepperdine’s religious affiliation, which helps market the religious nature of the University to prospective students. Photo by Audrey Geib

Crossways. Won by One. Next Gen Preacher Search. Youth conferences.

All of these are ways Pepperdine strives to recruit and encourage Church of Christ students to attend the University.

George Pe

Find the Best Cup of Joe in Malibu

Five cups of coffee, one from each of the featured coffee shops are lined up next to each other on a picnic table in the Malibu Country Mart. The coffees were all shown in their respective cups with varying colors and sizes. Photos by Mary Elisabeth

Joules and Watts, Cafe De La Plage, Blue Bottle Coffee, Saloon Coffee and Starbucks — some of the many coffee shops found surrounding Pepperdine’s Malibu campus that students frequent.

Students utilize these shops and others to gather with friends,